Sunday, 28 November 2010

F-cup Cookie Review

Today's product review is F-cup cookie!
The most-raved eccentric Japan-made food since late 2005!

This white packaging is only available in Japan.
Visited and it's true, there's only 14pcs and 4 pcs available . No such thing as 30pcs...
Weird, I guess they didn't manufacture 30pcs because it's pricey.

With seal, to seal its freshness :)

Upon opening,

I saw a small pink note!!!

*gasp* excited but then... don't know what it's says except for the word 'pueraria mirifica' on the top right circle.

only 14 pieces inside...

this is how it looks like, individual packs.

then i saw this code that interest me...57771

then 57772

57773! Is it the batch number?


Looks baked and delicious...

I measured, size is 2cm x 7cm

looks like a shortbread without sugar


took a bite and the verdict is... it just doesn't taste like your mom's bake cookies. I can't say it sucks because it still tasted like food. Still sweet but sweetness is mild, still taste like cookie but it's soft and slightly chewy. Tasted like a hard pound cake, or a soft cookie, something between a cookie and a cake. Oh well, I thought if it really up my breast, I don't mind the taste.

And so... After a box,(7 days)
I had it on the 15th day of my menstrual cycle as directed by the instructions . Had it 1 after breakfast in the morning and 1 after dinner in the evening, sometimes as midnight snack :D. First 3 days, nothing much happen except that when rushing assignment with no sleep, there's no pimple popping! is it the cookie or i have good regeneration rate? After the 7th day, i feel swelling sensation. Like slight pain...

After 2 boxes, (14 days...ok maybe 12 days because menses came and I have to stop)
Slight pain sensation still present. I didn't measure but to my surprise it grew! *blush* Fills my bra nicely but still a bit room (used to be roomier). And they feel slightly heavier without bra. I can't wait to eat it after 15 days again!! Really happy with the results!

I like it because: really helps me diet! believe it or not, I still maintain my weight (but slightly down 0.4kg, ok... maybe it's the water but it certainly helps!)
I dislike it because: tasted quite bland.

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM65/box of 14pcs Original Flavour /Chocolate Flavour discounts available when buy more!

Price in retail stores: RM168 for box of 30pcs.

Suitable for: 21 years and above who are not pregnant, not breastfeeding or not allergic to ingredients in this food.

1- packaging practicality (0.8/1) - individual packaging is great! can keep it in my bag and have it as snack anytime! but the packaging is those that you'll have a hard time opening, well, it really depends, sometimes, it'll open up nicely, sometimes the plastic just won't tear! ARGH!
2- label description true? (0.9/1)- very true, 'pueraria mirifica'= the magic ingredient!
3- usefulness/effectiveness (1.8/2) yeap, effective! for me at least.
4- Worthiness (1/1) OMG YES! I'm gonna get more!

Total rating : 4.5/5

Buy or don't buy? - DUH! bigger natural cups without surgery at such low price? OMG A STEAL to buy!

Product reviewed by Emily

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

7th November Batch Arrived! (16/11/10)

Pre-order batch 7th November arrived on 16th November.
This time it takes around 9 days for pre-order stocks to arrive.
We were hoping to make it in 7 days but there were many orders pouring in at the last minute.
Aiks... hope it wasn't too long to wait...

the parcel :D

*gasp* slight dent on the box!

First sight upon opening of the parcel, layers of MISSHA paperbag and some SKINFOOD plastic bags ...

*relieved* As usual, products are safe and sound with loads of bubble wraps. Slight dent won't do no harm :D

Unveiling the stocks! :D

Assembled accordingly to take group picture!

Close up shot (right side of the lot)

Close up shot (left side of the lot)

These are ready-stocks.
This time we ordered a lot of ready stocks, mostly best selling products from Whimsical Needs!
To see these products, do check out our facebook ready stocks page(for real pics) or Whimsical Needs ready stock page.

We might have took wrapping lightly previously but now
our products are packed into parcels with bubble wrap, boxes and brown paper!
All for that extra protection of the products!

It's a public holiday today so parcel will be posted out tomorrow .

Also, to all our Muslim friends, family and customers, Selamat Hari Raya Haji :)

That's all for now


Whimsical Team

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

F-cup Cookie Parcel Arrived today! (9/11/10)

Surprise surprise!!
We are so glad that our F-cup cookie stocks finally arrive today!
For those who ordered, sorry for the long waiting dearies :(

Parcel received today! (9/11/10) All the way from Japan! *dance in joy*

Dilepaskan :D

Quite a huge parcel , weighs more than 8kg.

Ordered only 30 boxes after 1 yr hiatus.

Although only 30 boxes, it's selling fast

Like hotcakes!

F-cup cookie pyramid! Just in the mood to stack it and take a group photo out of it :D

F-cup cookie chocolate flavour. Grab it before it's gone!

F-cup cookie original flavour(soy milk).

Close up shot, top view.

Sideview, shows the expiry date. 11.10.29. Means expiring on 29 of october year 2011.

The other sideview.

To purchase these F-cup cookie, fill in the order form now


contact +6017-6821051, you can ask to talk to Kelly, Gwen or me Emily :D


alternatively, mail us at

That's for now C:
Till next time

Whimsical Team

Monday, 8 November 2010

Review: 3 in 1 - MISSHA M Signature Real Complete BB Cream, Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner, Skin Food Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

My skin type is combination skin, with whiteheads on my T-zone area.

Today I am going to do a 3 in 1 review for makeup.
First of all, I'm going to do a review on SKINFOOD Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake #1,
Secondly, TONY MOLY's Backstage Gel Eyeliner #01
Last but not least, MISSHA's M Signature Real Complete BB Cream Shade #23

First up!
SKINFOOD Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake #1
And yes! It even smells like Chocolate!

With flash

Without flash

The brush given inside the eyebrow cake is slightly slanted so that drawing the eyebrows would be a breeze

I like it because: easy to apply, great for those who are always on-the-go ! Handy and convenient to fit in our fancy shoulder bags too!
I dislike it because: -

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM 18 only!
Price in retail stores: S$16.40

1- packaging practicality (0.8/1)
2- label description true? (0.7/1)
3- usefulness/effectiveness (1.7/2)
4- Worthiness (0.8/1)

Total rating : 4/5

Buy or don't buy? - BUY, of course!

Next up...
TONY MOLY's Backstage Gel Eyeliner #01 Black!

It comes with a brush (Unlike Party Lover Gel Eyeliner)

The creamy texture of the gel

As you can see, this eyeliner can draw any sizes and shapes easily
Plus the color is very black

The aftermath :)

In short, I like this product a lotttt!
It doesn't smudge and it lasts pretty long!
The description says its waterproof and I think so too!
It's kinda hard to rub 'em off my eye after applying it.
My friend is also currently using this and she loves this a lot as well!

I like it because: It wouldn't leave a dark mess under my eye :)
I dislike it because: The brush is a bit too short in my opinion

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM 43
Price in retail stores: S$25.90

1- packaging practicality (0.7/1)
2- label description true? (0.8/1)
3- usefulness/effectiveness (1.8/2)
4- Worthiness (0.8/1)

Total rating : 4.1/5

Buy or don't buy? - I'd say BUY for peeps that are tired of the dark mess under your eyes after application of eyeliner. To further avoid panda eyes caused my smudged eyeliners, apply some powder under your eyes to prevent it!


MISSHA's M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25PA++ #23

The watery texture of the BB cream

In my opinion, this BB cream is a bit to the moisturized type of BB cream.
Because my face is a combination skin,
after applying this, my skin would be a little bit greasy.
I think that this BB cream would be more suitable for normal/dry skin
Good thing about this BB cream is that it looks natural on my skin and provides a pretty good coverage.

I like it because: watery texture makes it easy to apply, looks natural when applied
I dislike it because: a bit too greasy for oily/combination skin

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM20ml - RM 58
45 ml - RM 110
Price in retail stores: USD$45.99

Suitable for: all skin types(however not recommended for oily/combination skin type)

1- packaging practicality (0.8/1)
2- label description true? (0.7/1)
3- usefulness/effectiveness (1.5/2)
4- Worthiness (0.7/1)

Total rating : 3.7/5

Buy or don't buy? - Buy.

And for the last picture of the day...
The compilation of 3 into 1
The 3 in 1 (half)aftermath!

Spot the difference!
Left eyes looks bigger than the right eye, somehow..
(Thanks to Tony Moly's Backstage Gel Eyeliner, perhaps..)
With SkinFood's Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake, my eyebrows looks sharper!
Fact: Did you know that most women ignore their eyebrows?
"Eyebrows are the frame for the eyes and set the expression and mood of your entire face, and therefore are one of your most important features"
(Victoria Jackson, US makeup artist)
Notice that the left side of my dark eye circles are less visible?
All thanks to the MISSHA M Signature Real Complete BB Cream #23!
Good coverage, right? ;)

Products reviewed by Gwen

September-October Batch

Here are some photos from our Sept/Oct batch:

Items are secured with bubble wraps :)

Packing the products to be delivered to our beloved customers

So busy..

Products are packed with invoice and free samples!!

New Omija Whitening Mask Sheet from SKINFOOD!
Only RM 13/pc

Group photo of our products! :D

So manyyyy!

Spot 'em samples!!!!!
*squeal with joy*

Till next time!
We hope that we can serve you at our best

Whimsical Team