Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Late delivery

Dear customers, items from batch august will be sent out on wednesday (25/8) , sorry for the inconvenience caused.

If you haven't know, the parcel this time was detained at the custom, WN were taxed on the good. However, no extra charges will be charged on customers , WN is bearing it.

To avoid such happening, items above 100ml, or heavy glass packaging will be charged a further 10%.

This is a short post. We're a little busy lately but we promise we'll update you guys soon with the parcel pics!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Review: Raspberry Slim & Lift Sleeping Mask

It says 'raspberry slim & lift sleeping mask' but don't think it promises that...

the nozzle

It has a fresh fruity smell.

watery gel-like texture

after spreading

washed after 10 minutes

I find this product rather over-hyped/overrated. Whenever I happen to go to THEFACESHOP retail shop, most of the time, the sales assistant would recommend me this. Since it's best-selling product from THEFACESHOP, I must give it a try! Hence, I bought it (for my mum) and she's been using it consistently ever since. I would use it once in a while. Well, the first time I use, I thought it was inconvenient as when I sleep sideways , a little of it got smeared to the bedsheets. True enough, I woke up with my face feeling hydrated (I'm not sure if I've rolled around too much when I sleep as I don't feel the stickiness). When I washed my face, my face feels smoother than before! My mum thinks it's a good product(mum uses it everyday!), but for me , I just think it's so so, not something I'd want to use everyday. But if you think otherwise, do comment in this post :D

So in conclusion,
I like it because: the smoothness of my skin in the morning and hydrating effect.
I dislike it because: it didn't do what it promises, 'slim & lift' pfftt...

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM60 (current best-seller in Whimsical Needs)
Price in retail stores: RM99.90

Suitable for: all skin type

1- packaging practicality (1/1)
2- label description true? (0.5/1)
3- usefulness/effectiveness (1.5/2)
4- Worthiness (0.5/1)

Total rating : 3.5/5

Buy or don't buy? - Buy, because it's a good hydrating mask.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

July Batch Arrived on 12th July

Sorry guys for the late updates. These are some pictures from the July batch.

Best-selling THEFACESHOP raspberry slim n lift sleeping mask , only RM60!

Pre-order stocks from customers

Saw the blue bottle Innisfree O2 mask? It's slowly gonna be the next best seller!
Only RM50!

Many apologies for such late post.

Whimsical Team