Saturday, 25 June 2011

Batch 9th June (Arriving 19th June 2011)

Hello guys 
First of, we would like to apologise for the long waiting.
It took 14 days and we're really sorry!

~Samples for dearies~

The Latest Packaging of Herb No Sebum Powder (Mint)

Its only RM29 in Whimsical Needs
Prefer their old packaging though but this should be an improved version. :(

Throughout these nearly 2 years of operation, we receive tonnes of demand from customers wanting to buy sample products or trial kits instead of investing in the actual product. We give samples for customer who purchase products from us :D but for customers who insist on getting samples first, well Whimsical Needs pay for the samples so we really can't give it to you for free, BUT , good news is we decided to sell it at a really low price! :D

Tony Moly Gene-Science Toner & Emulsion - Sample Size

Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Gift Set (Toner & Emulsion) -Sample Size

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Trial Kit

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner with scoria and green complex

Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB SPF 20 PA++ (No.1 Light Beige) - Sample Size

MISSHA Cho Bo Yang Toner and Emulsion

MISSHA Geum Sul Toner and Emulsion

Do check out our ready stocks page to view availability:)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

INNISFREE Home Spa Apricot Yogurt Pack 10ml

 I have combination skin, whiteheads on my T-zone area, discoloured scars on extraction areas. 

From some sources in the internet,
This Innisfree home spa apricot yogurt pack contains extracts of Apricot in yogurt, high in vitamin A, that is why it is very helpful in the removal of skin pimples and other skin disorder. Helps to achieve a flawless complexion. It is suited for combination skin but I feel that this hydrating and moisturising mask is suitable for all skin type. 

 This is how it looks like, small blistered pack.
 Opening at either of the corners.
 when i open, there's this whiff of very peachy, apricoty, soft candy kind of smell.
mmmm... I love the smell already!
 My skin after washing and towel dry.
 This is the texture of the mask. It's not even, like pulps of of yogurt, it can be even out.
 guess what, I thought it'll be enough for one application but was left with 80% of it after 1 application. 
I use a pin to secure it and store it in the fridge. This mask last me 5 times of usage! super steal!!!! :D
 When applied on, you can see that there's still pulps of yogurt.
 After leaving it on for 15 minutes. The white stuff either absorbed or evaporated. haha...But when I wash my face, it feels slippery and silky. I try to wash off as much of the slippery suds but it won't disappear. So i thought maybe this is how the mask functions? So I just towel dry my skin.
 Pretty amazed by what this mask can do! I feel fresh and skin feels so supple and moisturised!
If you can see clearly, my pores closed up a little :D
But i feel that my complexion turns dull. I guess it's probably because I did this 2am in the morning. 
but I love this mask, gives me such smooth and supple skin and those little bumps disappeared! love love love!!!

I like it because: gives me smooth, moisturised, and supple skin.
I dislike it because: erm... that it doesn't come in a tub? a bigger tub so that I don't have to repurchase it after finish.

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM5 

Price in retail stores: N/A yet in Malaysia

Suitable for: all skin type

1- packaging practicality (0.8/1) - It'd be better in a little tub with lid.
2- label description true? (0.9/1)- true except on the cure skin disorder part.. well i don't know.
3- usefulness/effectiveness (2/2) -Definitely! my hydration and moisturising solution when my skin is dry.
4- Worthiness (1/1) super steal!!

Total rating : 4.7/5

Buy or don't buy? - Definitely a buy! :D

Product review by Emily

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Herb No Sebum Powder (Mint) 5g

My skin type is combination skin, with whiteheads on my T-zone area.

To start off,
Innisfree's Herb No Sebum Powder is a translucent loose powder that comes with a soft puff inside.
Unlike most white powders, when applied, it is not too thick and the face would not turn whitish after application.
I use it after make-up or after my skincare routine to keep my face shine-free.

The packaging is both cute and handy!

Soft puff included inside it!

It is sealed :)

Time to open it! :D

Oh! and did I mention the smell is soooo refreshing?
It has a light and fresh mint smell
to it :)

Here's the description of this product by Sasa
Innisfree Mint No Sebum Powder is especially formulated for the skin worried by excess sebum secretion or visible pores. It enables clear, translucent and poreless skin.

I like it because:
It controls the oil around my T-Zone area, therefore my face is less shiny after long hours. And it is convenient to bring it anywhere you go :D
I dislike it because: -

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM 29 only!
Price in retail stores: N/A

Suitable for: Oily/Combination Skin

1- packaging practicality (1/1) The packaging is handy and convenient to bring it anywhere just in case you need some touch up :)
2- label description true? (0.9/1) Yes, it does control the sebum/oil production of my face especially the T-Zone area. Say bye bye to oily nose and forehead with this baby!
3- usefulness/effectiveness (1.9/2)
4- Worthiness (1/1) Shine-free face for just RM29 ? Definitely worthy of money! :D

Total rating : 4.8/5

Buy or don't buy? - Definitely a buy! Highly recommended! Plus its very affordable ;)

Product reviewed by Gwen