Sunday, 31 October 2010

August Batch 25/8 (late delivery)

Hello, sorry for the super long hiatus! We've been updating ourselves in our blogshop, facebook fanpage and facebook group. Do click click click to see the updates :) . Oh and don't forget to like our page and join our group . It'll benefit you of course ;)

As you've read from the short update last time, we were taxed on our goods :(

tax :(

But don't worry we're not gonna charge 10% on heavy goods but on the downside prices for some products increased slightly.

parcel quite big (and heavy!), might have drawn the officer's attention.

Open up! Skinfood changed their paper bag outlook!

these are the stocks

and free samples for you all :D

That's all for now.
Next post will be a review on Black Sugar Wash Off Mask. (Sorry for lack of review! )

So stay tuned!

Whimsical Team