Sunday, 28 November 2010

F-cup Cookie Review

Today's product review is F-cup cookie!
The most-raved eccentric Japan-made food since late 2005!

This white packaging is only available in Japan.
Visited and it's true, there's only 14pcs and 4 pcs available . No such thing as 30pcs...
Weird, I guess they didn't manufacture 30pcs because it's pricey.

With seal, to seal its freshness :)

Upon opening,

I saw a small pink note!!!

*gasp* excited but then... don't know what it's says except for the word 'pueraria mirifica' on the top right circle.

only 14 pieces inside...

this is how it looks like, individual packs.

then i saw this code that interest me...57771

then 57772

57773! Is it the batch number?


Looks baked and delicious...

I measured, size is 2cm x 7cm

looks like a shortbread without sugar


took a bite and the verdict is... it just doesn't taste like your mom's bake cookies. I can't say it sucks because it still tasted like food. Still sweet but sweetness is mild, still taste like cookie but it's soft and slightly chewy. Tasted like a hard pound cake, or a soft cookie, something between a cookie and a cake. Oh well, I thought if it really up my breast, I don't mind the taste.

And so... After a box,(7 days)
I had it on the 15th day of my menstrual cycle as directed by the instructions . Had it 1 after breakfast in the morning and 1 after dinner in the evening, sometimes as midnight snack :D. First 3 days, nothing much happen except that when rushing assignment with no sleep, there's no pimple popping! is it the cookie or i have good regeneration rate? After the 7th day, i feel swelling sensation. Like slight pain...

After 2 boxes, (14 days...ok maybe 12 days because menses came and I have to stop)
Slight pain sensation still present. I didn't measure but to my surprise it grew! *blush* Fills my bra nicely but still a bit room (used to be roomier). And they feel slightly heavier without bra. I can't wait to eat it after 15 days again!! Really happy with the results!

I like it because: really helps me diet! believe it or not, I still maintain my weight (but slightly down 0.4kg, ok... maybe it's the water but it certainly helps!)
I dislike it because: tasted quite bland.

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM65/box of 14pcs Original Flavour /Chocolate Flavour discounts available when buy more!

Price in retail stores: RM168 for box of 30pcs.

Suitable for: 21 years and above who are not pregnant, not breastfeeding or not allergic to ingredients in this food.

1- packaging practicality (0.8/1) - individual packaging is great! can keep it in my bag and have it as snack anytime! but the packaging is those that you'll have a hard time opening, well, it really depends, sometimes, it'll open up nicely, sometimes the plastic just won't tear! ARGH!
2- label description true? (0.9/1)- very true, 'pueraria mirifica'= the magic ingredient!
3- usefulness/effectiveness (1.8/2) yeap, effective! for me at least.
4- Worthiness (1/1) OMG YES! I'm gonna get more!

Total rating : 4.5/5

Buy or don't buy? - DUH! bigger natural cups without surgery at such low price? OMG A STEAL to buy!

Product reviewed by Emily


  1. Hi! Did you continue to buy this? Did it finally increase to one cup size?

  2. well? what happened after the next box you bought? is it really effective?

  3. Hi have you stopped eating this cookie? Did your breast decrease in size when u stop?

  4. Hi, just want to ask till how large did you grow to this date and do you still eat them.. please reply..thanks..:)