Thursday, 1 December 2011

Stocks from Japan!

Here are 2 products that we brought in from Japan recently, namely Uguisu no Fun and Meiji Amino Collagen :D
Here are some real pictures of the 2 products and I am going to do a mini review on the Meiji Amino Collagen. 

Uguisu no fun a.k.a powdered nightingale bird droppings.

this box got detained by the custom and took us so much trouble to clear it! the levy cost us a bomb... T.T

Meiji Amino Collagen in can and refill pack.

All refill pack expires from 29 Jan 2013 onwards. We have stock that expires Feb 2013. 
All can expires from 12 October 2012 onwards. 

The can
The refill pack

Mini review 
The can is sealed for freshness and protection.

double seal!

Like opening a sardine can. When I open the can... a surge of the fishy smell wafted into my nose. Fishy but bearable. 
Spoon is included in the can. 

Instruction leaflet I cannot understand...

Ergonomic design of the lid!

Love how I can conveniently open and close the lid.

Can't get the correct measurement? scooped too much? Fret not...

Because the lid is also designed to help level the powder!

Ahh... just the right amount of youth in a spoonful :D

I like it because: of the ergononomic design of the can. It's also not a huge can, small enough to fit in my mom's bag which she brings to work . Great thing about this product is that Meiji produces refill too! 
I dislike it because:  evidently the smell! fishy!

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM125 , Value pack is only RM350 for 1 can + 2 refill + free poslaju!! Supposedly RM390! 

Price in retail stores: RM160 in ISETAN

Suitable for: 21 years and above who are not allergic to ingredients in this food.

1- packaging practicality (1/1) - Need I say more? Spoon provided, good design, portable. 
2- label description true? (N/A)- Not applicable yet for the maintaining supple skin but for the taste, it claimed to have no fishy taste!ugh... i beg to differ. but still bearable though.  
3- usefulness/effectiveness (N/A) - can't rate this yet. but after only 5 days of consumption, my mom gave feedback that her joints are not so frozen... Well actually it does help because collagen is needed in various parts of our body. I was told that I shouldn't treat this as a miracle product to reinstall youth but consume it daily as supplement, like how you would consume your vitamins :)
4- Worthiness (1/1) super steal!!  

Total rating : 2/2 

Buy or don't buy? - Well, if you can't stand the slightest fishy smell from fish you eat, don't get this. But overall other than that, it's definitely a buy! :D

Product review by Emily

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