Sunday, 26 February 2012

INNISFREE Eco Real Color Lipstick

Today I'm reviewing two of Innisfree's Eco Real Color Lipstick!
#3 Balsam Flowers Apricot
#5 Sun Pink

I personally am in LOVE with #3. (even my aunt and my mum loves this! :P)
Apparently they claim the color makes them look more youthful ?
It's slightly orange-y and fresh.
For #5 I was quite dissapointed as I wanted a lighter pink shade :/
But the color itself is still nice!
As for the application , it's smooth and easy to apply and it is quite moisturising.

I like it because: gives me smooth, moisturised, and sexy lips! :p I like the scent too!!!
I dislike it because: Shade #5 didn't really appeal to me that much!

Price in Whimsical Needs: RM44

Price in retail stores: N/A yet in Malaysia

Suitable for: -

1- packaging practicality (0.8/1)
2- label description true? (0.9/1)
3- usefulness/effectiveness (1.8/2)
4- Worthiness (1/1)

Total rating : 4.5/5

Buy or don't buy? - Definitely a buy! :D

Product review by Gwen

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